Machine Shop

US Automotive Machine and Performance specializes in engine building, machine shop services, and engine dyno services. For those seeking true professionals to handle the machining or assembly of your engine we can help.
Would you like an honest, reliable auto machine shop you can depend on? We pride ourselves on one-of-a-kind communication with our customers. No matter how unique your needs, we will strive to ensure that they are met.

Whether you come to our machine shop for a simple head job or a complete engine overhaul, your engine is in good hands when you visit US Automotive Machine and Performance. What do we mean when we say rebuilt? Most machine shops use the term rebuilt very loosely. What other shops consider add ons or extras, we consider part of the basics of rebuilding a motor. To us , this process consists of:  values guides, bore the block, cam lifters, recondition rods, cam bearings, freeze plugs and all new related parts.

Please visit our Project page to see some of current and past work.